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Fictive Fictional FICTURE Architecture Visualization Rendering
"The architect should be a visionary again" - a fictive Version of Maison Dom-Ino (Le Corbusier), for the 21st century.

In the pursuit of architectural design, we must always respect and respond organically to the specific demands of both the exterior and interior environments. Drawing parallels from nature, we observe how the skin is perfectly adapted to cater to the needs of the functions it envelops. In an analogous manner, an architectural shell can be designed to adapt and respond to human requirements, thereby enhancing the overall quality of life.
It is also fundamental that the user finds a personal connection with the architecture, experiencing comfort and a sense of belonging within the designed space. Architecture, in its essence, should serve as a mirror for self-reflection and personal identification. This harmonious relationship between user and architecture is what we strive to achieve in each of our creations.

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