- Type Interior Design Location Bangalore, India -
A multifunctional piece of furniture - a cupboard that serves as both storage space and a seat - is at the heart of the interior design. This intriguing element reflects our quest for harmony between function and form, a philosophy we try to apply to each of our projects.
Parametric Design Furniture Interior Design Timber Organic Shape FICTURE Architecture
The inspiration for the natural and organic design of this cabinet came from the majestic rock formations we encountered on the east coast of Australia. These natural wonders led us to create a design solution that reflects the beauty and uniqueness of nature, both in its textural features and its fluid design language.​​​​​​​
The entire interior design of a high-rise apartment building has been developed in close collaboration with Svamitva Architecture, a local architecture firm in Bangalore, India. This partnership has resulted in a symbiosis of local understanding and global design perspective that maintains the balance between aesthetics and functionality while embodying a forward-thinking vision for living.

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