-​​​​​​​ Type Design & Visualization Status constructed & dismantled Location Innsbruck, Austria -
Pavillon Berg Natur Wandern Architecture Kunst Art Installation
The 'Soundpavilion' emerges as an emblematic centerpiece for the BONANZA Open Air Festival, nestled within the picturesque landscape of Innsbruck, Austria. This structure bears testament to an inventive form-finding methodology, meticulously crafted by its designers.
A special thanks to photographer Charly Schwarz

Composed of numerous identical modules, the pavilion is birthed through an additive process, each module interlocking to form a unified whole. This process culminates in a self-supporting, intricately articulated structure that defines its own space, encapsulating the essence of a constructive and spatial design unit.
The design journey of the 'Soundpavilion' has been an exploratory one, navigating the realms of computer-generated models and tangible physical prototypes. This iterative process facilitated the creation of its unique geometry: pairs of identical modules connecting to form the broader structural framework. Each module originates from three equally cut, flat elements, marrying simplicity with innovation.
The completed structure crystallizes into a lounge open on one side, inviting visitors into its embrace. This thoughtful opening frames a captivating view of the festival's concert stage, transforming the pavilion into a haven for festival-goers to relax and enjoy the pulsating rhythms of the music while immersed in the structural novelty of the 'Soundpavilion'.
The pavilion, a fleeting architectural spectacle, was transiently assembled for the celebration of the BONANZA Festival in the scenic city of Innsbruck.
At Innpark - Archenweg 70, Innsbruck, Austria
 >> Organized by: Verein zur Förderung visuellen Hörvergnügens <<

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