- Type Design Research Location Sydney, Australia -
In metropolises and big cities, a careful and economical approach to space is having an increasingly important role. Space is becoming more and more a rarity.
In addition, human life is getting faster and faster. Therefore, urban planners and architects have to handle urban space carefully. Change is constant!
The idea that a building is a rigid static device is dead and in this instance we want to flatten down the was in which buildings and cities run and change it for the better.
Architecture can no longer be understood as a rigid construct. It must now take on a new level of intelligence and respond to people who use it. A digital system can analyze the needs of users in real time and can provide needed space. Through this feedback behavior, architecture can become adaptable to its environment and its users. White space in the city can be minimized.
Time and Space
Time and space are in direct interaction. For example, a marketplace could be large in the mornings and become smaller in the afternoon.
Like a machine, architecture should produce an outcome. Well-being, communication, knowledge, relaxation, etc. are the products created by the Raummaschine (
space machine).
We want that buildings can promote social interactions.
We designed the "Raummaschine" as a conceptual approach to an architecture that can change and adapt.
The space machine is understood as a prototype here. The short film shows how two floors can be divided into several different rooms. There is a specific space program in each of them at a certain time. Architecture as a machine-like structure, which can be produced in an efficient use of space and generate interaction and knowledge.
Our intent is to reshape traditional public building typologies.
Due to the constant transformation of the rooms, the circulation through the building is also reorganized. The system analyzes and brings together potential stakeholders for each user to stimulate high-quality communication.
We are interested in the production of a third “world” through two existing “worlds”. Essentially, we want to develop the extreme experience for all users and occupants.


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